Garmin 2720/Victory Tourtech Install
Posted 2008-05-12 10:02 AM (#10112)
Subject: Garmin 2720/Victory Tourtech Install


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For those wanting to install the Victory Tourtech (Garmin 2720/2820) I took the time to take some pics as I installed mine on Saturday. Install took me under an hour and is really pretty simple.It's very similar to mounting the Zumo using a ram mount except for the wiring and mount. As usual(and as others have noted) Victory forgot a couple of items in the instructions. This assumes the Victory GPS cable and mount.

1) Remove Instrument Bezel. I used a 1" putty knife. Basically you want a wide and flexible "blade" type instrument. Pry Gently on the left and right side of bezel and pull straight out.

2) Remove rear console cover. Open glove box and fuel filler door. Pull up on left and right corners.

3) Remove Center Console. Remove (4 )6mm screws located at top and bottom of console.
Remove (3) 4mm screws located top,bottom and right side

4) Disconnect Wiring. Disconnect antenna,main radio harness and switch wires. I took a quick photo for reference - the radio harness and antenna are no brainers. Label the switch wires if need be.

5) Drill GPS Mount holes. With center console laying face down on a non marring surface , remove the ignition bezel by squeezing tabs inward. Remove (4) screws holding black"sub console" to console.(Victory shows this in Fig 4 but leaves it out of directions)Drill two holes marked GPS Mount with 1/4" drill bit.

6) Attach GPS mount. Using Victory supplied m6 screws , attach mount. (25in-lbs).Reattach "sub console"

7) Connect Victory supplied cable. Locate the mini connector - it will have a rubber cap on it. Plug
Victory GPS cable in and lay it over fuel filler door for now.

8)Reinstall Console using reverse order of above. Snap Ignition Bezel back in.Snap Instrument bezel in. Reinstall rear console cover by aligning slots and pushing down,

9) Attach Garmin Mount to Victory Mount. Install with (4) 4mm allen screws.(10in-lbs)Stick foam pad on mount as shown. Orient mount with anti tamper screw up(duh).

10) Attach cable to GPS and GPS to Mount. When you click the GPS into the mount make sure you lift the little tab under the anti-tamper screw so a little red is shown(see pic). This allows the Unit to fully seat in the mount. Push down on the tab and screw the anti tamper screw in.

11) Go make friends jealous of new electronics mounted on your already way to cool bike.
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