99 LED Stingerz mod
Posted 2013-02-20 3:45 PM (#131090)
Subject: 99 LED Stingerz mod


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Ruskin, Fl
I let somebody else install these for me. Rare, but true. Anyway the lights were not even and got worse opening and closing the trunk, holding the lid so it did not slam. My OCD got the better of me and I found vacuum tubing to act as a spacer. Take a look.

(Lights uneven 1.JPG)

(Lights uneven 2.JPG)

(Threading hose.JPG)

(Vacuum hose 1.JPG)

(Lighte straight1 (Large).JPG)

(Lights even 2.JPG)

(Lights even 3.JPG)

Attachments Lights uneven 1.JPG (84KB - 16 downloads)
Attachments Lights uneven 2.JPG (58KB - 7 downloads)
Attachments Threading hose.JPG (42KB - 8 downloads)
Attachments Vacuum hose 1.JPG (51KB - 6 downloads)
Attachments Lighte straight1 (Large).JPG (66KB - 5 downloads)
Attachments Lights even 2.JPG (41KB - 4 downloads)
Attachments Lights even 3.JPG (43KB - 7 downloads)
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