complete idiots guide to installing LLoydz air valve.
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Subject: complete idiots guide to installing LLoydz air valve.


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So here it is, the valve itself comes with instructions but no visual pictures. Also so nice procedures to do before hand. The biggest reason I installed this valve is because I've been dealing with popping when slowing down or shifting gears, this valve has solved that.

Before installing said valve I ran the bike and sprayed starting fluid around all the boots on the engine. Doing this will allow you to find out if there are any cracks in your intake boot, also check the exhaust gaskets and clamps. This can be done by spraying soapy water around the seals, if you have bubbles, you have leaks.

Things you'll need: flat head screwdriver, white lithium grease, 5mm allen bit, a lighter, and a razor blade.
The valve itself is super simple and took me about 15 mins to install and that's including taking pics for this write up.

Step 1) on the right side of the bike remove your cheese wedge badge. This is done by simply pulling outward on it and pops right off. This makes a nifty tray to hold the bolts you're about to remove.

 photo IMG_20130926_165726.jpg

Step 2) Remove the harness attached to the idle air valve, done by pressing the safety tab and pulling out on it. You'll see 4 5mm bolts, removing the bottom left one gave me difficulty due to the tool I was using to remove the bolts, if you run into this just remove every bolt before the lower left and you can bend the bracket down enough to get enough clearance.
 photo IMG_20130926_165802.jpg

Step 3) After removing the bolts the IAV will be loose but is connected still by 3 black rubber hoses.Remove the IAV by using your flat head screwdriver and push each of the three black rubber tubes off from the back side of the IAV. Take your time on this one, it is possible to damage the rubber hoses with the screw driver. I took the most time for the whole project on this and had no issues.
 photo IMG_20130926_170521.jpg

Step 4) The hoses are connected by rubber strips, use your razor blade and separate the hoses, be careful on this one to.
 photo IMG_20130926_170537.jpg

Step 5) Here's where I started doing things a bit different. I removed the whole middle hose, if you'll take off the cheese wedge on the opposite side you'll see the rubber connection going up into the airbox, pull down and it'll come out easy peasy.
 photo IMG_20130926_171158.jpg

Step 6) the hose you just removed (the middle one) now remove the rubber end on the IAV valve side, you will no longer need this, you can throw it away.
 photo IMG_20130926_170634.jpg

Step 7) Cut 1/2 inch of the plastic hose on the IAV side (the side that no longer has the rubber on it) then slide the heat shrink tubing that comes with the valve onto the plastic hose, then you'll slide the hose into the big end of Lloyds air valve. The other end you'll lube up and slide into the IAV.
 photo IMG_20130926_171341.jpg

Step 8) Align the valve where when you connect the hose back up the valve will have the adjustment screw pointing down. Slide the heat shrink tubing down, half covering the lloydz fitting and the other half covering the plastic tube. Use your lighter, hair dryer or horribly bad breath to heat up the tubing and seal up your new
 photo IMG_20130926_171400.jpg

Step 9) Install the completed assembly by simply hooking up the upper hose to the air box and the other 2 smaller hoses, bolt the IAV back up. Start the screws by hand, steel screws can easily strip the aluminum casting.
 photo IMG_20130926_171943.jpg

Step 10) Screw the adjustment screw all the way in and back it off 4 FULL times. With the bike COLD start it and adjust screw either way to achieve 1000rpm idle while COLD.

That's it really, not to hard. I have exhaust, filters and a fuel controller and did notice that my popping went away. I didn't notice any horse power gains or anything else but I'm not much of a hot rodder so who knows.
Be sure to go out for a test drive and don't get to far from home. Bring the flat head screwdriver in case you have to do any adjustments while on your test drive. Lloydz instructions are great and you can find some pictures on their site of the install but I did this to show it on a Vision. If this helped shoot me a PM so I feel like I didn't waste a bit of time writing up this whole thing. I don't mind this write up being shared but please give me credit when doing so. Well worth the money and simple to install. Happy ridding.

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