iPod in the XM pocket
Posted 2014-03-24 8:39 PM (#153659)
Subject: iPod in the XM pocket


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I didn't like how the iPod interface cable took up so much room in the little glove box, so I ordered an extension cable and moved the iPod to the little XM pocket near the right saddle bag. Here are a few pictures of what I did. I think I'll order a silicone case to protect it.

$6.99 Extension cable, seems to be working fine:

$9.00 Bluetooth adapter, to connect my Android smartphone for Pandora etc.

Routing the extension cable

Extension cable routed under center dash and down under the seat.

Slot cut for ipod connector, I think I'll find a grommet to sort of seal this.

Slot drilled for iPod connector. I'll probably need to find a grommet to help seal this up a bit.

XM pocket with iPod in it.

XM pocket with iPod mounted. 

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