Oil question
Posted 2015-06-02 5:12 PM (#172641)
Subject: Oil question


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Oh boy... Here we go... Another oil topic.

So I changed my oil out this weekend, I had about 2.5qts left over from last year in a 5qt jug, and bought an additional 2qts to give me what I needed.

The 2.5qts that I had left over from last year spent it's stored life in my shed, sustained freezing temperatures over the winter. The oil was a little darker in color; as opposed to the new oil that I had bought. But there was no separation of the oil that I saw, and other than the more golden color, it seemed fine. Smelled like oil, looked like oil.

So now in hindsight, am wondering if the oil actually deteriated as evidenced by the off color, and of course reading about oil shelf life on the Internet, I am more confused as ever.

I don't really mind dumping it all out of the motor and replacing it... But is it really necessary?
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Posted 2015-06-02 6:04 PM (#172642 - in reply to #172641)
Subject: Re: Oil question


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nope it did not.. this subject has been talked about A LOT on bobistheoilguy.com and what most say is.. shake up the container (to stir additives) but in your case, its not like it was sitting for Years..... i have oil (amsoil) that i bought of someone, it was 6-8 years old.. never opened but stored on a shelf. i got it at 1/2 price.. i had no fears of using it, especially after reading all about this subject..
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Posted 2015-06-02 6:10 PM (#172643 - in reply to #172641)
Subject: Re: Oil question


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They say with oil in containers sitting in cold weather garages or in sheds they have a very good chance of forming condensation in the bottom of the container.
They say store in warm places same with your spray paints or waxes
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