Headset question
Posted 2015-08-01 9:50 PM (#174060)
Subject: Headset question


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Stockton, California

I have the wired cb/radio/I pod setup on my 2010 Vision. Yesterday while on a ride my wife could no longer hear me when I spoke.  (No she was not  just ignoring me ). I can hear her and the music. She can hear the music but not my voice. When I speak the music stops in my speakers and in my wife'said but she can not hear me. I have switched headsets, mine in back, hers in front and the problem persists. I am thinking the jack is the issue. Does anyone know how to test the Jacks? I am not sure if it's the front jack or the back. 

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Posted 2015-08-25 9:13 PM (#174432 - in reply to #174060)
Subject: Re: Headset question

Puddle Jumper

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I periodically clean the jack and plug with electric contact cleaner to eliminate this issue.
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