xm radio antenna
Posted 2015-09-11 7:41 AM (#174775)
Subject: xm radio antenna


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Durango, Colorado

Need help finding a replacement antenna cable for N touch XM radio for vision. The 90 degree connection to radio has failed on mine.

Thanks in advance for any assistance. -Paulhu

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Posted 2015-09-11 4:55 PM (#174779 - in reply to #174775)
Subject: Re: xm radio antenna

Puddle Jumper

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Just a suggestion, but try to find a ham radio or CB radio repair shop. They may have catalogs showing the type of connector you could buy and just have a new connector added to the cable. The coax may not be sensitive to short amount of trimming (short as possible). If it is a cable with two connectors that plug on to the antenna and receiver, they would probably know the direction to guide you too. I don't know the layout of XM radio components involved, thus may be off base.
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