PCV Tune
Posted 2020-08-02 7:30 AM (#193046)
Subject: PCV Tune

Puddle Jumper

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Florissant, MO United States
I have a 2015 Vision with a VFC3 currently running front and top filters, timing wheel at +4, Miller standard mufflers. Looking to get a used PCV that the owner had setup with a big bore kit and cams. What tune should I download just to get me started? Not sure when I will get it on and to a dyno tuner. But would like it to have it on and running when I take it. It will be the 19-006 model. I was looking at the list on their website and of course there isn't an exact match.
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Posted 2020-08-02 12:45 PM (#193047 - in reply to #193046)
Subject: RE: PCV Tune


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Jasper, MO
Personally, given your mods, I would just keep the VFC3. If the VFC3 is tuned correctly, you'll see no benefit from going to a PCV, other than the possibility of adding a higher rev-limit.

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