Check Eng Light - Voltmeter
Posted 2021-06-07 10:19 AM (#193074)
Subject: Check Eng Light - Voltmeter

Puddle Jumper

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Hello All

I have a 09 ViVi Tour Premium.... I had electrical issues and after replacing the Voltage Regulator and 40 amp breaker (replaced on Spec) the issues seemed to be solved.


However, now I have noticed that the red check engine light comes on whenever the voltmeter goes high, in the red (approx 16+ v). this of course happens with power on the throttle. I read the previous posts regarding loose battery conections, so this was the first thing that I checked... all was good...


I am wondering if there are any other suggestions that people with this issue have tried...


thanks in advance for your help.


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Posted 2021-06-10 6:06 AM (#193075 - in reply to #193074)
Subject: Re: Check Eng Light - Voltmeter

Iron Butt

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Perry Hall, MD

I'm not the best when it comes to electrical issues, but I believe that your system should not be charging that high. The last time I replaced my regulator I used a less expensive aftermarket product. It worked fine for a short time, but then started acting up. I don't recall what the problem was, but after doing some research, primarily by checking the service manual, I found that it actually did not meet the OEM specs. After replacing it with an OEM regulator my problem was resolved.

Good luck brother.
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