INFO: PMs and Mailbox Behavior
Jedi Jeff
Posted 2009-03-01 10:12 AM (#29259)
Subject: INFO: PMs and Mailbox Behavior

Rockland, MA United States
Private Messages (PMs) are encouraged to communicate privately with another member. This is especially true when responding to a item listed in any of the BUY & SELL forums (Personal Ads, Commercial Ads, Parts Wanted).

Are Posts Staying in Your OUTBOX?
When you send a PM, it will stay in your OUTBOX until the recipient logs into the forums. At that time it will appear in your SENT ITEMS and disappear from your OUTBOX.

New PM Notification on the Vision-Riders frontpage
If you are logged into the site & forums (automatic if you have browser cookies enabled) and you have new PMs in your INBOX, you'll see an indication of new messages on the Vision-Riders frontpage. A message will appear at the top of the left column indicating you have X New Messages in your Inbox.

Max Number of PMs
A member can store up to 25 PMs in their INBOX. The PM software will warn you to delete some standing messages before you can receive any new PMs.

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