How to remove the RPM restrictions for 5th and 6th
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Subject: How to remove the RPM restrictions for 5th and 6th


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Written by WickedWebby and first posted on
Posted by Radioteacher, I have received the authors permission to repost the following information.

The following information and diagrams are for the Freedom 106 ci engine. A Cross Country is pictured but this will work on a Vision as well.

Many thanks to WickedWebby for this information!


By WickedWebby,

Hey Everybody,

I know there has been talk about the newer Victory's being rpm restricted in 5th and 6th gears resulting in the 120 mph cut out/restriction. Yes, it is true.. Thanks to KevinX for squaring me away with regards to this being rpm related with 5th and 6th gear and not indicated MPH related. As I initially was hoping. I have unrestricted my share of bikes over the years (usually for the 186 mph restriction). So I was very interested in this. An older Vision service manual is all it took to get it figured out. Thus, it works for the Xbikes too.

If you do this very inexpensive modification, Do it at you own risk! If you are the type of person that rides very fast... Please do not do it! Know that if you are riding at high speeds you could face GRAVE consequences. Also, DO NOT try to hit your toggle switch "on the fly" while your riding fast. This could cause a unsafe situation where you could possibly crash.

Please understand the legal problems you could face if you were caught riding at high speeds. Also, remember the dangers involved with these type of speeds. Too yourself and other people. If your only purpose to un-restricting your bike is to ride at high speeds... Please do not do this modification.. The 120 mph rpm restriction is fast enough! I accept no responsibility for anyones own stupid behavior. I only accept responsibility for my own stupid behavior. Which is enough for me already!

(Enough of that):
Anyways... Your gear box has a 2 wire white connector with a Black/Yellow wire (+) and a brown wire (-). This connector (at least on the Xbikes) is located below the rear cylinder exhaust header. Near where the black wire from the 02 sensor goes. You can wire tap into this Black/Yellow wire (no need to cut it) or just unhook the connector and securely sandwich in an appropriate wire between where the Black/Yellow wire connects together. You can decide where you want your toggle switch to be located. On the handle bars or anywhere else you might figure is easy to reach. Take this added wire to the (+) Black/Yellow wire of the gear sensor and attach it to your toggle switch. Now, all you have to do is run the second wire off of your toggle switch and attach/solder that to a 10K Ohm 1/4-Watt Resistor. You can find these at any electronics store including Radio Shack. Secure the resistor to a good ground screw on your frame of anywhere else that conducts a good ground. Do not attach it to the negative brown wire from the gear sensor.

(How it works):
Your gear sensor is a very low tech system. The ground is used for neutral detection. The other gears are detected by preset Ohms coming from the positive wire of the sensor. The lower gears are preset for specific lower ohms and the ohms step their way up as you go into higher gears. The switch, with this amount of an added resistor (when switched on and added to the circuit) adds resistance to the higher gear ohms presets (reducing them) and tricks your bike into thinking it is in 4th gear. So.. Turn the switch on and your gear indicator (on a XC for example) will indicate your in 4th gear even when you are in 5th and 6th gear..Your bike will think it is in the lower gear too. Thus, now you could (in theory) actually red line 5th and 6th gears at the same rpm that 4th gear goes to. On a closed race course and if you had enough power. Switch the toggle off (kill the resistor circuit) and your gear indicator will work as usual.

I will attach a Radio Shack link for the resistor, a photo, and a switch diagram.

Wicked Webby

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