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Lloydz Vision Intake Plate Kit

Designed to increase intake efficiency and minimize flow turbulence in the Vision's unique air intake. This plate is easy to install and produces 7-8 Hp Gain. Sealer and Instructions included.


Vision Intake Plate Kit HOH-VIP $84.95

Lloydz VFC for 2008 Vision Closed-Loop Injection Systemz!

The new VFC lll for '08 Vision is exactly what you need when installing aftermarket pipes or stage upgrades. Built by Lloyd'z means you get a product that will perform as expected and deliver exceptional performance and tune-ability.

  • Improved fuel mapping specific to all Vision closed loop bikes
  • Vision models receive a fuel savings provision for better economy
  • A Decel elimination code designed to significantly reduce backfiring
  • Simple, direct-connect install with redesigned harness
  • Lloydz proven reliability, backed by a 2 year warranty
VFC-III specifically for Vision Closed-Loop systems VFC-VFC08v $269.00

Lloydz Performance Cams

2 Years in the making. With increadible power increases for stock compression 106 inch motors. Tested in a S1L1 Vision with our intake plate and VFC lll we pulled an astonishing 31 hp gain at red line while maintaing the lower end power and rideability. These are a drop in cams that requires NO valve spring or head modifications. For maxium benefit a Fuel controller and our intake plate are highly recomended. These cams will only fit 2008 Vision. For 2009 Vision you must order the cam follower set (below) as the '09 cam design is totally different and requires this change.

08 Victory Vision HOH-VM1 $389.00

SHIPPING NOTE: Canada shipments are subject to additional charges (Canadian duty & carrier fees), for cams, around $26.00. Please give contact info so we can call you to with exact figures.

Cam Follower Set for all '09 Victorys

Required when using any aftermarket performance cam in a 2009 model year bike.

All 09 Victorys One set (pn #3021177 & #3021178) $375.00

K&P Engineering Stainless Steel Micronic Oil Filters

The K&P Engineering filter element is made from medical grade, type 304 stainless steel micronic filter cloth to provide unmatched protection against oil contamination and resultant engine damage. A one inch square of this material flows an incredible 1.9 gallons of oil per minute at only 1 PSI pump pressure. The adhesive used in the filter assembly process is good to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, far above normal engine operating temperatures. A super strength nickel-plated neodymium rare earth magnet is installed in the top of the element for magnetic pre-filtering of the oil. The sophisticated bypass is engineered for proper differential pressures and consistent operation, delivering a greater percentage of filtered oil while being very easy to clean. The twist lock design assures positive filter element placement and allows for easy disassembly, inspection and cleaning. The quad-ring gasket doubles the seal between the filter and the engine. Finally, the filter housing is carved out of a solid chunk of 6061T6 billet aluminum, which not only looks trick but aids in dissipating heat. Available in billet aluminum, black anodized finish (+ $5.00) or chrome (+ $25.00).

Billet Aluminum KPE-Oil Filter $139.00

Lloydz' Clutch Support Plate

The use of this support plate will strengthen the primary cover in the center area of the clutch's pull, thus reducing the flex that occurs with higher spring pressures. This is a necessary item used to harness correct clutch engagement and will insure full power delivery to the rear wheel. With this plate on your bike you will be sporting the "Lloydz"badge of uncompromized reliability and performance.It looks as good as it performs. Fits all Freedom engines. Available in black anodized finish or chrome. New Lower Price!

Black Anodized finish HOH-PSP-A $129.00
Chrome HOH-PSP-C $149.00

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