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RSS Feedfuel type question high octane vs ethanol free
2015-04-27 3:23 PM
Source for Vision screws?
by sks700
2015-04-27 1:48 PM
HeliBars handlebars for Victory Vision
by somanyroads
2015-04-27 1:39 PM
Anyone ever remove the mufflers from a Vision?
by Street Eagle
2015-04-27 12:05 PM
Safety Switch on Clutch Side Switch Housing Question
by Haze_Gray
2015-04-27 9:40 AM
Saying HI
by Demelza22
2015-04-27 5:54 AM
Heavyweight Title
by rdbudd
2015-04-26 7:57 PM
Upset Harley owner
by V-rodder
2015-04-26 6:33 PM

Latest Reviews

Dash Bags for the riding season
by bob5219
2015-04-24 4:06 PM
dash bag
2015-03-08 7:07 PM
Vision Dash bags return
by bob5219
2015-01-19 10:30 AM
MBW LED tail light
by VisionEscape08
2015-01-08 7:58 PM
Derby Covers
by prp1851
2014-12-03 5:50 AM

Latest Classifieds

Atom Bomb Mufflers
by mstrroissy
2015-04-26 5:34 AM
WTB Visoin seat with backrest
by kvision
2015-04-25 10:46 AM
Kingpin front fender
by Chico7z
2015-04-20 12:26 PM
CC/CR stock exhaust tips
by Chico7z
2015-04-20 12:25 PM


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Welcome to Vision-Riders

The online community for riders & enthusiasts of the Victory Vision motorcycle. We offer information on parts & accessories, technical articles, rider forums, product reviews, and classified ads — all related to the Vision motorcycle.

The 2015 Victory Lineup Revealed!

Victory Motorcycles released the 2015 models at the dealer meeting this past July and unveiled their newest model, the Victory Magnum. Based on the Cross-Country platform, the blinged-out Bagger features a 21" front wheel, LED Headlight, 100watt Stereo with 6 speakers in the fairing!

We say goodbye to the Boardwalk, Judge and Hardball models, all discontinued presumably due to slow sales, while the remaining models (Vegas 8-Ball, Hammer 8-Ball, Gunner, Vision, and Cross platform bikes have only minor teaks and color changes. Forum opinion is hopeful that the Vision will get the latest upgrades in lighting, electronics and storage developed for the Magnum and Polaris Indian. Tell us your opinion!

News and Stories from the Road

Victory Vision vs BMW R1200CLC, A Rider's Comparison

We've all heard of the Honda and Harley Davidson owners that have switched to a Victory, but seldom do you run into a BMW owner that now runs a Vision. Generally speaking, BMW owners are an odd lot and have their own BMW "mystique." Charles Napoli (aka bmwrider1954) is NOT that guy. But, having owned the respectable BMW R1200CLC, he gives us his head to head R1200/Vision comparison. The boys in Bavaria as well as Iowa should be taking notes.
View Article

My Vision Ride

Riding across the United States is an adventure and a challenge. The beauty of this country is only surpassed by its expanse. Its the expanse that holds the challenges. Jim Tom Stimpson (aka, JimTom) knows these first hand as he rode for his Iron Butt certification. In this travelog he shows us the what riding across the US is all about as well as the challenges of the Iron Butt.
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Latest posts from Dealers and Vendors

LED Cheese wedges
by Johnp2
2015-03-25 11:21 PM
Christmas Sale extended, security certificate issue fixed
by Rick 106
2015-01-08 1:57 PM
custom covers
2014-12-30 9:20 PM

Heard on the Street...

"If correctly tensioned before removing the rear tire, a newly replaced belt will automatically re-tension after the rear tire is reinstalled."


Lloydz Tech-Talk & Blog

Read what Lloyd has to say in the latest Blog entry:How could you not blog about this.
Posted 1/23/2013 10:15:11 AM. Check it Out

"...Break In?"

Lloyd gives us the ins & outs of breaking-in the Victory motor. Whether you just bought the bike, or have just finished some major motor work, it's worth listening to what he has to say. As he put it, you either do a "Break-In or a Break It!"
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Lloyd Greer:
Lloyd shares his technical expertise and views with Vision-Riders.

 Lloydz Latest Blog
 2013-01-23 10:15 AM
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