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Accessories Installation Tips (Victory's instructions are not clear)
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Lone Ranger
Posted 2007-12-22 12:33 AM (#3375)
Subject: Accessories Installation Tips (Victory's instructions are not clear)


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Cleveland, GA

I recently installed the Entertainment Bus Harness, CB Module, CB Antenna, two Powerlet Outlets, and GPS Bracket on my Victory Vision.  Here are a few tips where the included installation instructions could be clearer.

Entertainment Bus Harness (Audio Harness Kit) -

Not marked which end is front or back.  The front end is where the two wire harnesses are equal length, ending in a plug.

CB Antenna Kit -

Install this before you install the CB or you will have to remove the CB in step 5.

Item 6 - The four trunk mounting bolts are in the recessed well where the CB goes.

Item 9 - Remove trunk base (outer skin) via 12 fasteners.  I only found 10 fasteners.  Most of these were in the lip of the trunk.

Item 14 - The rectangular hole is under the trunk base and lets the cables feed into the side of the CB recess.  The photo isn't real clear.

CB Module -

Handlebar control installation

Item 7 - "Remove the two christmas tree cable ties".  They are a pain to remove.  Item 21 says to attach the new wiring with the christmas tree cable tie.  Once it was cut off you can't use it again - you'll need another one, which does not come with the kit.

Item 9 - Instructions call to "remove left side handlebar grip".  What they don't say is that there are two set screws hidden under the flanged rubber next to the control bracket - one near the top and one underneath.  You have to pull the rubber back and use a 4mm hex wrench on them. (Thanks to chahn1 for the tip).

Item 12 - Remove the left side handlebar control.  You may want to do Item 14 first - remove the radio control from the control bracket.  Otherwise the control is in the way when you are trying to remove the front screw.

Item 13 - Unplugging the radio hand control from the main wire harness is a bit tedious.  It is really close to the front fairing and has no room to move around.

Item 19 - Reinstalling the clutch perch.  Tighten the front screw first - if the rear screw is tightened all the way there will be a gap between the top and bottom pieces in front.

Passenger switch / headset jack installation

Item 23 - Remove trunk speaker.  Have to open trunk to access the two screws at top of speaker grill.

Item 25 - Remove seat filler panel using 3mm hex wrench.  The seat filler panel is the curved piece below the seat back.  Two 3mm screws are in it, but there are also two more T-20 screws holding the ends, in front of the speakers.  The instructions do not mention the T-20 screws.

Item 28 - Use a 11/16" hole saw to install passenger headset jack.  I was unable to find a 11/16 hole saw anywhere, so purchased a 11/16 woodcutting hole drill.  It works fine on plastic.

Module installation

Item 33 - Says to connect the green/pink wire to the bottom position of the passenger volume switch. WRONG COLOR WIRES - it is green/black.  The three connectors are quite difficult to place correctly, because everything is so close together that they crowd each other.  In order to get enough slack to place the speaker grill back in position, you have to unwrap the electrical tape that is holding these wires to another set of wires behind the seat.

Item 34 - Fasten bottom of CB module with screw, washers, and lock nut.  This was very hard to do - I eventually didn't fasten the bottom because of the difficulty in getting the nut behind the module in the limited space available.

Item 35 - Connect CB harness to Entertainment Bus harness.  You just have to figure out which of the several connections on the Bus harness it goes to.  Only one fits.

Driver headset jack installation

 Unlike all the other holes you have to drill or cut, this one does not have dimples or markings on the back side.  You actually have to use the paper template to mark the positions of this and the driver powerlet outlet.  And it is aluminum instead of plastic, which makes it harder to drill if you are using a wood-cutting hole drill.

Power Port Kit -

Calls for a 11/16" hole for both the passenger and driver ports.  This is not large enough - especially with the driver's, which is cut in aluminum.  You will either have to grind the hole a bit larger or cut a 3/4" hole to start with.  You have to use the template to mark the position to cut the driver's.  It is not pre-marked.

GPS Mount Kit -

Item 9 - The diagram (fig 4) shows removal of the bottom piece after removing the ignition switch bezel.  The instructions do not tell you to remove the screws or to remove the black plastic bottom piece.  You have to remove this piece to find the holes marked "GPS" for step 10.

Item 13 - The 7-position mini-connector on the right side, toward the front of the bike, is covered with a disposable black plastic bulb-shaped cover.  The instructions do not tell you this.

Hope these tips help make it easier to install these items properly.

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Posted 2007-12-22 7:23 AM (#3380 - in reply to #3375)
Subject: RE: Accessories Installation Tips (instructions not clear)


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Wow, great write-up LR.  How long did you mess around with all that?
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Lone Ranger
Posted 2007-12-22 9:25 AM (#3382 - in reply to #3380)
Subject: RE: Accessories Installation Tips (instructions not clear)


Posts: 447
Cleveland, GA

It took a total of about five hours.  It wouldn't have taken nearly as long if the instructions were clearer .  I was constantly going from one set of instructions to another, trying to be efficient in the process.  It was... interesting.  There were times I was tempted to say that letting the Victory shop do the work at $75 an hour was looking better and better.  (By the way, I created this writeup for my local shop - they were unaware of some of the details and it will help them as well when they work on other Visions).

I spent about 30 minutes trying to get the handgrip off before I remembered seeing chahn1's post about it and had to look it up.  Probably spent 15-20 minutes on trying to plug in the three connections on the back of the passenger volume control - and then about 30 minutes troubleshooting it after I had closed everything back up and found that I had reversed the connections because I wasn't sure about the wire colors (I wasn't sure if one of the wires was gray or pink in the poor light and the other wire was just completely wrong color). 

Then after I got it all together again I found that my headsets didn't work properly with it (no sound in left speaker, intercom did not work, high-pitched squeal in passenger headset on some settings).  Thought I had done something wrong so I took it back apart again.  Turned out to be the same problem excelboy had, which was that standard H-D cords will fit with the Vision jack outlet, but the pin assignments are different.  I called J&M and ordered the new cords they have developed for the Vision.

I figure I could do it all again in about two or three hours, now that I know where everything goes and how to route it.

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