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Rear Trunk Rack Installation
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Posted 2008-02-16 1:06 AM (#5328)
Subject: Rear Trunk Rack Installation


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Installation Notes: Finally got the trunk rack mounted today and it was very easy. Instructions worked very well and was easy to understand.

However, I did run into a problem with the hinge screws. I had three back nuts that wanted to turn on me when removing and installing. I used a pair of vise grips to hold them. When you reassemble, keep this in mind if you have that problem and just match up the internal trunk lid with the external so you can put your wires in place. Do not put any screws in that hold the two together until you get the hinge screws in and tight. Also, I put my 3/4 helmet in the pillion seat to help hold the lid in place when fully open without putting stress on anything. A helping hand would have come in handy at times, if no more than to get in the way. But I did found it very easy to do this by myself.

Deviations: The instructions also said use a 9/32 or 5/16 drill, however, the 1/4 drill seemed to work just fine and I didn't understand why they called for the larger bits. All my holes lined up perfectly and the bolts went in without effort.

I would caution you here because drilling the holes are the most critical part of this installation. The instructions recommends the pilot hole, however, the marks for hole replacement are dished so a careful, slow start on a variable speed drill is helpful. The plastic is sturdy, but drills quick and would be unforgiving if there is a misplaced alignment. This is the only reason I would think the larger bits are recommended is to give room to work with. I felt I was very fortunate that mine lined up perfectly with the 1/4" drillbit.

The instruction also said to put on a cloth, but I used two saw horses and put the lid upside down resting on the edge where the black molding goes. That put it up to my level and did not rock as it might of on a towel on a flat surface.

Pictures: Here's a pic that's in the gallery album

Time to accomplish: Installation took under an hour and was not pressed to get it done quickly. This also considering that I had assemblied the top and bottom first and then tried to put in the hinge screws only to find the backnut to turn on me. So, I had to disassembly the top and bottom and hold the backnuts with visegrips to tighten the hinge screws, then reassemble.

Ease: I would rate this as a moderate mechanical skill level or for anyone that is good with their hands.

Closing Thoughts: Just remember, there is nothing to pry apart so if something feels stuck, it is because you did not remove a screw somewhere. The instructions are very good in pointing out where everything is once you get orientated. I found it too simple to the point that I thought I had forgot to do something once it was all back together.

Added 2.26.08 I noticed that since installing rack the lid is heavy and puts added stress on the cable and the bottom side portion. I would be careful not to let the lid "drop" when opening, but rather extended it until it catches to keep from damaging the bottom inner lining of the trunk.

Again, excellent instructions and the rack is a compliment to such a fine piece of machinery.

Edited by varyder 2008-02-28 7:25 PM
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