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Zumo550 Install using a round RAM Base
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Posted 2008-03-31 1:59 AM (#7607)
Subject: Zumo550 Install using a round RAM Base


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Edmonton, AB
The Zumo 550 comes with a motorcycle handlebar mount but it wouldn't fit on the large bars of the Vision. I decided to install the Zumo in the same location that the Victory mount would be installed. I have very much appreciated the other members who have taken the time to do a photo record of an install and I thought I would return the favour. If you have any questions or need any more info please reply in thread that I will post in the Tech Q&A Forum.

Items you will need to get started:
!. You wil need to by a Round RAM Base mount with a 1" ball. The rest of the mount comes in the box with the Zumo 550
2. Three black #10x32x3/4" bolts, flat washers, and #10x32 Self Locking nuts
3. 13/64" Drill bit & drill, 4MM and 6MM Allen Wrenches
4. Two Heat Shrink, weather proof Butt connectors and a wire stripper/crimping tool.
5. A bunch of small cable ties.

So here goes:
1. (Thanks to Miles S. for helping me with this part) Open the fuel filler door and the MP3 storage door. Lift up on the forward edge of the center cover panel (panel in front of seat) to remove.
Carefully (use flat-blade screwdriver wrapped in a rag) pry up on one side the instrument cluster surround and remove.
Remove 5(?) allen bolts securing center console in place. Lift center console up and disconnect stereo harness.

Note: Be sure to write down the colour of the plugs/wires for the three switches at the front of the console (Hand grip warmers, emerg flashers, HID Light) as it would be easy to mix them up later.

2. Remove two allen bolts holding the brushed aluminum trim panel to the console and remove the aluminum trim. SEE PIC #1

3. Turn the Centre console over, remove the black ABS "skirt" and note the holes marked for the Victory GPS. SEE PIC #2. The first hole you drill in step 4 will be mid-way between these two holes.

4. Turn the Centre console right side up and drill a hole through the plastic console, mid way between the holes for the Vicrory GPS mount.

5. Using the RAM base as a template, drill the remaining two holes for the base. It helped to put a bolt through the RAM base into the first/second holes before drilling the second/third holes to ensure correct allignment. SEE PIC #3.

6. Remove the RAM base, bolts from the holes SEE PIC #4 and reinstall the Aluminum Trim panel, securing it with the two 4MM allen bolts. Turn the console bottom-up and drill the three holes throught the Aluminum trim, from the back, through the holes you just made in the plastic console. SEE PIC #5 and the results in PIC #6.

7. Attach the RAM Base to the Console with the Flat washers and self locking nuts. SEE PIC #7 & 8

8. Re-attach the black ABS skirt to the underside of the console. SEE PIC #9

9. For a suitable power source, I chose to tap into the wires that supply power to the outlet in the IPod compartment. I chose to use this option as I wanted to be sure the power to the Zumo was off when the Ignition switch was off. I did not want to have to worry about forgetting to turn off the GPS and draining the battery if the GPS was left on while the bike was parked for a few days.

10. Unplug the wires from the power outlet and carefully pull the plug up through where you can reach it more easily. SEE PIC #10.

11. Cut the two wires to the plug at about the mid way point between the plug and the main wire harness.

12. Join the wires for the GPS power supply to the wires on the plug, connecting the two black wires together and connecting the red GPS wire to the Grey/Pink plug wire. Crimp and heat shrink both connections. SEE PIC #11.

13. Crimp and heat shrink the plug/GPS wire to the wires from the bike. SEE PIC #12.

14. For added strength/safety I used a couple of small cable ties to secure the wires and heat shrink connectors together. SEE PIC #13

15. Feed the plug back down the way you removed it and re-attach it to the powerlet outlet in the IPod compartment.

16. Feed the GPS power wire in an appropriate manner and use some cable ties to secure the coil of the extra lenght that you will have. I chose to route the wires so the Plug for the GPS mount would exit under the console near the right handle bar.

17. Re-install the centre console, being careful to reattache all the plugs in the appropriate location. Don't forget to re-attach the gound wire on the rear-right 6MM allen bolt for the centre console (wanna guess why I added this reminder ;-) )

18. It should now look someting like this. SEE PIC #14

19. Re-install the instrument cluster surround and the centre cover panel in fron of the seat.

20. Attach the Zumo550 Motorcycle mount to the RAM Base and connect the power cord to the mount using the two small screws that came with it. Here is a picutre of the mount installed and the power cable attached but the GPS not yet installed. SEE PIC #15

21. Install the Zumo in the mount and you're ready to ride.

22. Here are couple of picture that show the view from the riders seat. Notice how the Zumo does not interfere with or block any of the displays on the dash or the instrument console. SEE PIC # 16 & 17.

23. Here are a couple of pictures that show how the finished install looks from the side/back angles. SEE PIC #18 & 19

24. If you are a keener, you can even have the Vision Rider logo display on the Zumo when it powers up. SEE PIC #20.

So that was how I spent my afternoon. It took me about three hour but I am pretty slow when I am doing something for the first time.

All that is left to do now is to replace the "Wing Nut" on the RAM mount with the Locking Nut offered by RAM so I don't have to worry about someone walking away with the Mount if the bike is parked outside overnight.
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