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Gearing differences--Vision with ECU rev-extend and GL1800
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Posted 2011-03-09 7:13 PM (#81090)
Subject: Gearing differences--Vision with ECU rev-extend and GL1800


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Many have wondered what the Lloydz reprogrammed ECU can do for them. I'll address the effect the changed ECU has on the speeds achievable in each gear.

The Goldwing's power peaks at 5550 RPM. Their rev limiter is set at 6500 RPM. Winding them past 6000 RPM is of no benefit in a drag race. The stock Vision's power peaks around 4800 RPM. Winding past the 5200 RPM redline is pointless. The cam profile Victory chose to use, in conjunction with the fuel mapping in the ECU, limits power above that level. The stock Vision rev limiter is at 5500 RPM. It would seem that Victory intentionally limited the power of the Vision (EPA certification?), setting the rev-limiter accordingly. A Vision with Lloydz cams, intake, and fuel controller will make peak power at around 5850 RPM, and the power is 30% more than with the EPA tune. It's still pulling hard when the 5500 RPM limiter kicks in. The Lloydz ECU sets the new limiter at 6400 RPM.

The speeds at RPM in each gear (based on gearing, speeds over 130 are mostly theoretical) for the Goldwing and Vision are:

Goldwing, at 5500, 6000,and 6500 RPM. A wise 'Winger in a dragrace will shift at no more than 6000 RPM.
1st 37, 40, 43
2nd 60, 66, 71
3rd 82, 90, 97
4th 104, 114, 123
5th 128, 140, 151

The 5550 RPM power peak corresponds to 129-130 MPH, which is about what a GPS says a GW can do. 2001 Goldwings can run the quarter mile at about 12.85 @ 103 mph under ideal test conditions. Much more typically, they run closer to 13.20 @ 99 MPH in the real world. My personal experience has a GL1800 running an average speed, over several runs, of 13.05 @ 100 MPH with a 2001 model. The best time on that bike was 12.91 @ 101 MPH. The newer Marysville Ohio ones with the revised ECU mapping Honda put out may not be quite as quick. The latest ones from Japan may have revised cam timing and the power peak may be a little higher.

Vision, stock ECU, 5500 RPM
1st 38
2nd 60
3rd 80
4th 98
5th 122
6th 145 Stock speed limiter holds you to 120 MPH in 6th gear.
As you can see, the stock 5500 RPM limiter forces the Vision to "shortshift" into a higher gear before the Goldwing. This hurts acceleration. Torque, multiplied by gearing, is what accelerates the bike. Shifting to a higher gear lessens the torque applied to the rear wheel. This limitation holds the Vision down to around 13.25 @ 98 MPH.

Vision, Lloydz ECU and cams, at 5500, 6000, and 6400 RPM. If in a dragrace shift at no more than 6000 RPM.
1st 38, 42, 45
2nd 60, 66, 70
3rd 80, 87, 92
4th 98, 107, 114
5th 122, 133, 142
6th 145, 158, 169

A 5850 RPM power peak corresponds to 129-130 MPH in 5th gear on a Vision. It would be 154-155 MPH in 6th, if you had enough power to overcome wind resistance. 5200 RPM (the old redline) is 138 MPH in 6th.

As you can see, Lloydz ECU extends the speeds in each gear, letting you match the Goldwing, and saving a time wasting shift into another gear. The bikes should be shifted at about 40, 65, and 87 MPH(maybe 88-90 for the GW), then held in 4th gear through the end of the quarter mile. The Goldwing has the gearing (torque multiplication) advantage in 1st gear, and in a side-by-side, heads up dragrace may pull slightly ahead off the line. The Vision has the gearing (torque multiplication) advantage in 3rd and 4th, and 5th gears. A Lloydz modified Vision can take advantage of that fact. In a side-by-side, heads up drag race, the Vision with Lloydz ECU will pass the Goldwing once they're both in 3rd gear, and continue to pull a lead. The Vision can run 12.40s to 12.60s @ 104 to 105 MPH and outrun a Goldwing in a dragrace, roll-on passing power, and top speed. Since the 1832cc Goldwing has impressive performance for a 900 pound touring bike, the fact that a 1731cc 900 pound Vision can match or better that performance is impressive in itself.

In a recent trip to the track with my Vision and a buddy on his Goldwing (1000 foot elevation, 85 degrees) the Vision posted a best time of 12.69 @104.85 MPH with an average of all runs of 12.84 @ 104.46 MPH and the Goldwing posted a best time of 12.91 @ 101.10 MPH with an average of all runs of 13.05 @ 100.47 MPH. The bike and rider weights are within 20 pounds of each other. Before getting the rev-extended ECU, the Vision was speed limited to 120 MPH and the Goldwing could reach 129 MPH. With the rev-extend, the Vision can exceed 140 MPH.


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