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nice RAM mount to center console
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Posted 2011-01-09 9:10 PM (#76955)
Subject: nice RAM mount to center console


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Columbia, SC

I didn't want to spend 100 bucks to have a block of aluminum in the center console of my bike. I already had a RAM GPS holder and arm for my 2730 and cables and didn't want to spend 100 dollars for essentially a place to mount it. So here's what I did to put it in the center console and have it be a RAM ball which is more flexible if I wanted to put something else there or eventually upgrade the GPS.

What you'll need is some RAM accessories if you don't have them. I recommend this mount...

It's easy and sleeker than what I used. Don't know if it comes with nuts and bolts, but if not, go buy some. Get black if you want, I used silver cause I'm impatient and want things done NOW. And FWIW, I used 8-32 bolts, 1 inch long. Washers as well both on top and on bottom. Just for good measure.

First I removed the center console, then pulled the black ring around the key ALL the way down (towards the rider) so that whenever I installed it, I would be SURE it fits and wouldn't get in the way.

Then I marked where the bolts would go and drilled them with the appropriate drill.

Then I removed the black underbelly of the console (just have to remove the black key thing) and placed a strip of electrical tip across the two drilled holes. I figured this plus a tight washer would do well as some weather proofing to keep water from seeping through.

Next I took a larger drill bit (has to be one larger than the nuts you use) to drill the holes made in the black underbelly. This is so when you reassemble, it won't put any stress or keep it from assembling correctly.

Then I put two layers of electrical tape above the console, larger than the RAM base.With the particular base that I chose it had extra holes and I didn't want the aluminum showing between them, and also I figured it'd offer a little more weather protection.

Next you attach the ram base to the top and then get ready to do some surgery to trim the excess electrical tape from around it.

Last, put the underbelly back on. Before reassembling, head over to THIS thread . . . to splice, solder, crimp, etc. your garmin cable to the existing cable on the bike. Once that's done, put it together and you have your finished product. Doesn't look to bad, and between the cable, RAM base, RAM arm, and RAM holder for whatever GPS you have, you've probably spent less than half. And it's more useful than an aluminum block as if you don't need the GPS, you can put your cup holder, or whatever else you want with the RAM mounts on there.

Maybe this'll help SOMEONE!

Total cost, if you needed to buy all the RAM mounts, electrical tape, bolts, etc., probably around 60 dollars.? I know it's still a good amount less than the aluminum block and IMO it looks a whole like better.


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